Some Improvements:


These are some improvements I could think of for the editor as it exists now (in addition to fixing some of the bugs and/or providing means by which we can see

The first is basically for the layers-tabs and scroll to be a little easier to use and take up a little less space per-individual layer, such that more layers can fit on screen at any



Hi @tabbot!
I agree. I think the reason they’re so big right now is to make it touch-friendly, but I would find an extra-small-frames mode helpful on desktop. In the meantime, I usually zoom my browser to 80% or so, which works fine (plus it applies to the whole interface), although it makes the text in the script editor a little too small.



Hey folks! Take a look at the branch! We actually added several improvements to the animation timeline (including multiple frame sizes). We’ll give a full rundown of 1.15 on the forums soon!