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I was creating a mock-up game, and while working, I thought of a few things that might improve some small features/tools that I wanna throw at y’all. :grinning:

Pasting to the exact location for copied objects. While trying to paste something, the 1.0.5a build said that “layer copying” will be added in a later update. So if this is the same exact thing, just disregard this paragraph. When I paste objects, I’ve noticed they don’t paste into the same position from where I copied them. I’m not moving to or from a different project layer or object either. It’s a group of items onto a different frame of the same layer, and they get shifted from some reason.(Don’t know if this is a bug or not?) I haven’t noticed if it pastes my object in the exact center(as adobe flash used to do). Ctrl+V with that program pasted the object into the center of the layer/frame(where the big plus sign is), while Ctrl+Shift+V would paste it in the exact same location/position from where you copied it.

Hundreds of Paint Brush objects. While working with the paint brush, it creates a new, separate entity every time I pause in my use of the brush, or pick up my tablet pen. Is there a way to merge them all into one shape? Not an object, group or clip. I need to change their base color and selecting them is a nightmare(it takes roughly 15-20 seconds for the program to finally select all of them). Otherwise, it just creates hundreds of individual shapes that slow down the project. Here’s a pic of a fill for my doll base:

I’ve noticed the magnifying tool is a bit… finicky? I select it, then zoom in, and press space to move the image, and it zooms back out to a previous size. It seems to be a little buggy right now, but when I zoom in really close to my projects(which I often do) I have to press the zoom out key just as many times to get back to 100%. It would be super convenient if I could click a button that returns my project to the default 100% in one click.

Clicking on a layer selects all the objects on that layer. This is left-over from my days with flash. :yum: I am used to clicking on a layer or frame and having it select the objects and buttons(everything) that’s on that layer or in that keyframe. It’s nice for when you have objects that are close or overlapping on different layers.

And lastly, just something I noticed with imported images. Specifically, I created my outlines in Paint Tool Sai, and they look a tad bit blurry in 1.0.5a. Comparison Image: Left is how the lines look in Sai, right is in the wick editor. The lines looked blurry in the 0.15.2 build, but they appeared just as crisp as the Sai version when the game was test run, so 1.0.5a seems to be messing a bit with imported .png, as the test run of the game appears with the same un-crisp lines. It could just be a zoom issue? But it looks like I’m zoomed at 100% already.



Hey @LaWombat, thank you for the detailed feedback! It is actually really helpful to get feedback in this format! :slight_smile:

Before I give specific feedback, I will note that a lot of features are still under construction, so they will be worked on in the future/near future.

In Response to:

Pasting to the Exact Location : Right now, we shift pasted items slightly on purpose to provide a bit of visual feedback when pasting an item to the same frame. We intend to have a second key command that will “Paste in place” without shifting at all!

Hundreds of Paintbrush Objects : We’ll be testing a brush that automatically combines paths of the same color. This should significantly reduce the number of paths that we need to combine. If our internal tests are successful, we’ll release it on the alpha branch! Also, we’ll definitely be adding an option to force-combine paths in the future.

Magnifying Tool : There’s currently a few pieces of the renderer that aren’t finished, which causes the weird zooming issues. It’s on our list! The recenter button also seems to not be functioning properly, which once fixed, should center the canvas at 100% zoom!

Layer selection : We’re gearing up a new timeline which should hopefully fix a number of bugs. Once it’s launched @zrispo and I will start playing with new features to add to it, and we can certainly run a test with selecting objects on a frame. While it may not happen exactly the way you described, we can try it out!

Imported Images Being Blurry : This is actually a problem with our renderer! As we get this sorted out, projects should start looking way more crisp.

Sorry there are so many “We’re working on it” type responses in this thread. We’re pushing along at as fast a pace we can at the moment, but I assure you most of these will be fixed in the near future!

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That all sounds awesome! I understand it takes time and that things are still in a sort of testing/implementing stage, so thank you guys for all your hard work. I eagerly await all of the future updates. :smile: In the meantime, I can work on drawing all of my assets in preparation!