Sometimes I cant get rid of text boxes


I don’t know about anyone else but this is annoying. I have to restart my game every time this happens and i hope you guys can fix it or tell me how to fix it. When I go to get rid of it, it wont go away and i cant delete it. This is my second time of it happening. Lucky me, i didn’t do much of my game. But the point is to get rid of the bug. I hate it when that happens and i hope you guys can fix it.



Hey there @8oo, welcome to the forums!

I don’t seem to find this problem, but a few things off the top of my head is that you might be using the text tool and not the cursor, so it always thinks you want to edit the text box. Another thing is that sometimes I feel that the delete key doesn’t always work, so try using the trash can button instead.

Hope this helps, but if it still doesn’t work properly, then it may be a bug that the owners will need to fix.



i think itsa because when i hit ctrl+z after i placed text it does what im trying to say.



Oh yeah I have the same problem too! Sometimes when I’m writing text and then delete it, the box just doesn’t go away and it goes in all of the frames. I’m going to see if I can get a video of it or at least a screenshot.

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Hey everyone! We’ve fixed this issue in our upcoming release! Stay tuned :slight_smile:



This is why I’m using