Sound inputting


I don’t know if I even said it right, but this is what I’m saying here. Every time I add some sound for it to make an animation, like in flash programs, when I pause the work I made, the sound keeps going instead of stopping where I paused. If there is a feature in that, (Without involving code) Please show me how to do it.


i also made a post about this
he said he will fix them in the future


Hey all,

I’m working on fixing a lot of sound bugs tonight. I’m currently hosting an early draft of version 0.14.1 on my website for everyone to test out, you can get to it here:

That page will update as I work, so watch closely :smiley:


All I’m mostly asking for is a way to pause the animations sound where it stops the noise where I pause, and continues where I paused at.


I hope it will. Because I really don’t want to hear the sound I used over and over just to get a good pose to draw.