What Wick Editor Version are you using?

Describe the Problem
I’m making a horror game that says “Hello, INSERT PLAYER ITCH.IO USERNAME HERE.”
Can i get some code for displaying that text?

you can use prompts
project.playerName=prompt(“replace this with what you want to say”)

To get it just refer to project.playerName
Like this
alert(“Welcome to Spooksistance, ”+project.playerName+“…”)

Uhhhhh… project.playerName would be a preset name then.
I want to track the players username.

i don’t think it’s possible to get the player’s username with itch.io web games. but you can just ask the player for their name at the beginning of the game. that is what @Watrmeln suggested doing.

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It’s a project variable
The prompt asks the user for an input and sets the input as the variable string
Prompt - asks for name
project.PlayerName - Saves name and used as needed

I’m just gonna remove that feature on the itch release because @pumpkinhead ‘s reply

Nah, keep it in so they can at least choose a username

Well, it’s a ps1 demo disc
Why would they need it
It would be weird

well if you wanted to include that little feature you could by using @Watrmeln’s reply it’s a variable this how you could do it

var user_name = prompt("Enter a desired username");

and to use it

alert("welcome!"+user_name+"to spooksistance")
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Please, can you make an example .wick file? Or a video? I’m new to Wick and I don’t understand where to put the code. Or maybe you can explain this better, please. I’m sorry for bothering you.

@Angela you can read this

(Almost) Everything About Wick Editor

Or just go to

If you are more friendly to videos

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Thanks, I must practice more, but I had already seen all the videos.