Suggestion: Multiple Tabs

It’ll be very cool if you could open multiple projects at the same time. Like there are tab options above and you can switch from 1 project to another.

Copy and Paste would work between both tabs, as long as they are in the same window.

This’ll really help me animate my Madness Combat animations and might help other people in animating sprite based animations

You can open two Browser tabs and have 2 different Wick Editor instances open and you can copy and paste between them.

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so long as your cookies aren’t reset and you’re using the same browser you copied on, your clipboard will stay.

I mean I still think it’s a good suggestion, it would be useful.

Well… but chrome is already giving us those features… you can have 2 different projects open in two different tabs and do copy paste…

We dont want this feature… the editor deal with dynamic user js code. This is dangerous, because the user can easily break the entire chome tab. If you have multiple wick editor projects within one browser tab, you would lose all of them. Now, if you lose one browser tab, in chrome the tabs are independent from each other, so there is a high probability that you dont lose the other tabs.

It is important to have in mind that if you have multiple wick editor running in different browser tabs, you should constantly save yor work. If you lose one browser tab, there is a high probability that the autosave contains data from the ones that are still open and not from the one that you broke.

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