Super Crazy Bros! :D

You’re probably waiting for this moment. I’m not using vid export because I’m pretty sure it’s still buggy. If there’s a problem with the file let me know, otherwise enjoy my many hours of work bundled into about a minute or so.

… Hopefully, those hours were worth it.

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I am already excited b/c i see a Json file…something i am just learning about. However there is no wick file. I see an asset folder that you put a lot of work into. I would love to see what you made. Thanks for sharing. :)

I figured it out…just had to download it… duh.

That was cool thanks for sharing it. Do you plan to make it interactive…would love to be able to control a few things…

Just wondering, is the Json file something Wick does…or did you make it? That is why i thought i would be able to use arrow keys or move something (thought the Json was keeping track of hits/ moves/ etc).

It came with the wick download. It’s not interactive. I am planning on making some form of a tetris or puyo puyo-like game… or even a puyo puyo tetris-like game, but i never came up with a good and feasible idea.

@awc95014 Mentioned this on the Discord, but wanted to also say it here. Fantastic work!

Great work! Keep on the paste and share some more :)

Super Crazy Bros is a cinematic masterpiece. The first few frames show you Mario’s desire, to get that mushroom. The only thing standing between him and the mushroom is a pit and 2 bricks. He tries to jump onto the bricks to get to the mushroom, but the best plot twist I have ever seen happened. The two bricks are alive, and they beat Mario up while he runs away. It shows you how if you try to get something you desire, there will be something to hold you back, to make you run away from it. He is scared of the bricks so much that he runs on the wall and the ceiling. It shows how when people are so scared that they think they’ll die, they can do the impossible. When he runs out of speed, he falls onto the mushroom. He grows, and he grows, and he grows. The very thing that he desired has made him beyond recognition. He trashes everything. Stomping on people and tanks. Nothing can defeat him, not even bullets. The one thing that he wanted has made him get in power and made him abuse that power. The bricks had planned something though. They had placed a lego brick to stop him. This can mean that people have to do things to stop someone from abusing their power that they got. In the end, the last thing Mario does is press the exit button. He has exited, which could be a symbol for suicide. This is a cinematic masterpiece that shows life and death in it’s fullest. The sounds just make this more realistic. The screams of Mario show you the pain that he’s having. This is the best movie I have seen and will ever see. 10/10.