.swf to .wick converter

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Has this feature been suggested before?
Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
That wick is very much like flash so I imagine it to be possible
Describe the solution you’d like
Someone to make a .swf uploader that turns into a .wick
Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Remaking the swfs

Additional context
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what is a .swf file for?

.swf files are for flash games

i would think that flash and wick games are drastically different, i doubt wick was made with flash compatibility in mind. do flash games even use javascript?

nope they use flash player and javascript and flash player support was dropped in January 2021

If you really want to remake the SWFs, use JXEPS Flash Decompiler on a PC, it should decompile the project.
Then buy Adobe Animate. Or don’t.
Afterwards, make sure to export it as a projector, because Flash is dead and ActionScript 3 isn’t supported in Ruffle yet. Oh well.