Thera Remake Collab

  1. Title: Thera Remake
  1. Topic: Well me and my uncle were joking about making a remake this game sucked and failed so i wanna remake it
  2. Time Frame: From now until june 2022
  3. Submission Requirements: I have the music actually and I will do the art but i need coders
  4. Project Requirements: Idk where im gonna put it lol
  5. Project Leads: Me and my uncle who makes the music
  6. Other Things: uhhhhh examples:My Project11-26-2021_1-28-43.wick (798.5 KB) < this is the template < this is the game i wanna remake < This is my uncle who made the music

Looks Interesting, I might able to help you in the development in this game…
I won’t be THAT active… Just enough to work around with it :slight_smile:
This project could also help me develop my coding knowledge and learn other techniques.
you can contact me in discord: cosmicKnight#1445
By the way, how many people will be working around this?

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Me and uncle and you now thanks so much man

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man I wish my uncle could help me
(sorry for the meaningless post)

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Lol that was not meaningless lol

Can you except my friend request im pacesteele#0223

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Uhhh so I need help I dont know how to code the health or damage system

i will join but will only make drawing

That will work

okay can i ask for a request i need help coding in health and damage and a timer to where when it hits 0 it brings you to a different frame i want each level to be 1 min 30 sec

I can do that for you. Can you send in a template?

Ok! But just give me a minute

ok i realize thats its been 4 hrs but here lolMy Project12-4-2021_0-59-39.wick (1.2 MB)

so is the anyone working th eproject lol

do you make pxiel art

i wanna sprites for it because its gonna be like roam around in certain parts to save or buy stuff like a town

yes i do make pixel

Alr I have decided to not make Thera on here because I want this to be a big project so I have moved the project to Unity thanks to everyone for helping out and I figured that if I want to make a big game it’s gonna be on a software that is very powerful.