This file is cursed!

I am trying to export my wick file for my game trailer but it is not working! The mp4 doesn’t display anything! When I try to put it into 1.16.2, it breaks! Please help me because I do not want to lose all of my hard work.
Fornever (4).wick (69.0 KB)

Hey @DylanExists,

I was able to export a video of your trailer in 1.16.1 and 1.16.2 (Here are the files)

How exactly does the project break on your end? I can’t seem to get it to happen on Firefox, Chrome, Mac or Windows :confused:

When I exported it and opened the mp4, it said that a codec was missing. The error code that it gave me was 0xc00d5212. This is for AVI files, but the file is clearly an mp4. I have researched what a codec is and I think I know why it does not work. The codec is supposed to encrypt a file and decrypt it for playback. I don’t think that I have a codec, so that means that it cannot decrypt the file for playback. It is unreadable, which is why 0xc00d5212 came up. I do not know how to fix this, as it seems like every computer should have a codec installed with it so this error wont show up.

Thankfully, it does not happen with gifs. That means that I can use an online converter to convert the gif into an mp4.