Tool to center vertically and horizontally

I looked in the documentation for this feature before creating this topic, but something important and very useful would be a tool to position elements in the center vertically and / or horizontally.

In the editors, the name of alignment is given, I will leave an image attached.

With this feature, we can always place images very well positioned on various elements, such as an icon within a circle.



Great suggestion @gunnercorrea!
I mean you can use the rotation, but still a great one.

it would be very useful and likely not too difficult to implement

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I really like this idea! Right now if I want to center an object i just find the xy coords and move it there.

Say it is a 600x600 project ratio, all i do is just put the object at x=300 y=300

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This is a manual way of solving, it works, but it would be better with an alignment tool.

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