Trying to make a object show

@PineappleCow, can you send the script thus far?

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Chest: Hey everybody, how’s it going.
Everyone in the crowd: Good.
Chest: Do you guys see the weird thing in the sky?
Bread: ya I see it.
Shopping cart: I see it but everybody hate’s me! >:(
Computer:* loading *
Computer: no.
Shopping cart: >:(
Thing in the sky I’m going to call the host: hi soo0o0o0o who wants to kill all friendships they have to win my object show!
Milk: my one line in this whole episode is going to be(intro.)
clay:Wow that is so COOL!
Calendar:But what are we going to battle for
Host:freedom… aka island of freedom!
Torch: sounds boring.
Host: GRRR what about a (idk noise) … a sneak peek of the 1 first episode of reobject show!
Torch: :open_mouth: i’m in !
(intro ) cutoff didn’t we all ready play that
Host: oh ya.
Host: torch computer chair paper clay lamp are on team (???)
computer : loading
Computer: paper fan club.
Paper: :))))))))))
Host: trash bin calendar shopping cart milk
Trash bin: are team name should be team killer of flash
Host: ladder bread gumball
Bread: oh come on i’m on the smallest team.
Gumball: ekekekeke.
Ladder: are team name is(gumball: ekekekek.)
Ladder :[
Host: the first challenge is jump over the clif.
Paper easy!
Paper(turns into a paper turns into a air plane and fly his team to the clif)
ladder : grrr (runs to computer smacks him (computer do you want to tur on sticky keys)
Ladder: NO!
host :vote in the comments.

just a reminder to whoever made that discord server and everyone in general: know that the use of discord with other wick members other than the official discord is against the wick rules.

And Gonna remake some assets

Don’t share locations or any other type of private information please and thank you!

You can always review the rules here

You got woooshed in the 2nd quote

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I made gumballs asset Untitled-2

it should be pink tbh


i wll do that

Untitled-2 good?

also what is the host?

um idk?


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i am the person who makes the assets sorry

gonna make voting icons

do you even have the assets?



ok i need to make some real quck

does gumball have arms?