Vage Fighting Collab (dead and closed)

Title: Vage Fighting
Genre: Fighting
A fighting game where you fight with swords, the file is here! The fighting game will be like my first collab with “myuzernamethis6”.

Working times:
9:30 AM/3:40PM to 8PM

Updating the title screen

Ok, should I mention other Wick users to help?

yeah i guess

Ok let me call them out.

Mentioning: @Jovanny @Hamzah_Al_Ani @BSA_15 @awc95014

also what characters are in the game?

The player that you play as is just a ball.

I’ll try to finish some other collabs I’m in (my profile bio has everything I’m working on),
but if u guys need help with anything, just let me know

Ok you can do your collabs.

can i update the character?

Yes, but please don’t destroy it, I worked hard on the borders on that character. So yes, when you send me it I’ll work on it.

ok btw my older sister is watching the casagrandes

Thats a 5 year old show lol, and please don’t go too off topic unless you want me to make a Discord.

no i mean the show made by the creators of the loud house now let’s get on topic

Ik that. Are you done doing it? I need to work on it.

i’m just updating the title screen then i’ll update the character

Ok, do what you can!

i made a sword

Ok but where is the file? I need to add these changes to the project