Vage Fighting Collab (dead and closed)

Vage Fighting Preview11-21-2020_12-26-46.wick (51.3 KB)

Ok :D now I can edit

Oh btw i crushed Neon Flight

Download :ok_hand: I made a jump but it doesn’t work even when I do hitTest

that’s also not allowed.

on the note of being in the collab:

i got a really big project going on, which is the 5-hour energy one (find it if you want, i’m not putting it here), and I’m in a big collab, FF (which isn’t making progress yet). i also want to try recreate modern tetris and add a major twist to the game, though that likely wont happen. i’m pretty packed with the projects. however, there is a whole thanksgiving week off from school for me.

the aim of the game or plot is unclear, you didn’t tell me the story or how it works. this is the kind of collab that i am likely to deny because i have no clue what will happen.

based on your stickton collab also with MUT6, i feel that the game will also be a very random and confusing game. it doesn’t sound or look like it’ll be understandable.

i will very likely pass on this collab. however if you give me a summary of the game that sounds interesting, i will consider joining.

i added a backgrondVage Fighting Preview11-21-2020_9-54-23.wick (55.7 KB)

The summary of the game is a fighting game, were you there is infinite levels

Use this file.VageFightingGame.wick (57.3 KB)

i don’t have discord

Oh ok, I was just asking

and i don’t feel like getting it

Ok, you don’t have to get it

making a new discord server with other forum members or talking with forum members you don’t know personally outside the forum or official discord arent allowed.


i agree with baron

i think we need collision

I am making a background, do it when I am finished

That’s because line 12 says: this.y +=10;
Line 12 should say: this.y -=5

Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 12.57.33 PM

Also, chill (I’m guessing that caps represents anger)
I’m not a 100% sure about the rules, but I would consider that since there are a lot of new people on the forums, that everyone reviews the rules here:

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try this.y -= 10; so it goes up, not down.

I know, can we get back to busy or stuff?