Vage Fighting Collab (dead and closed)

Fixed some bugs like the jump and remade the background

again we need colision

if the player is moving down 5, going up 10 will make it not touch the object, then it will go back down, then get pushed up, then down, then etc., causing an unpreffered pattern. Using this.y-=5 seems to be a better solution since it makes the player stop moving down when touching the ground

oh nvm it’s here

I fixed the bug, what shall we add now?

an update to the title screen, it’s pretty empty

Ok, do you want me to add it? Or do you want to add it

i think i’ll pass this collab, but i’m interested to see what you make in the end.

Ok, that is fine :D

w8 sam hogan made a game with infinite lvls

Thats from Unity, not Wick

yeah i know

but how do we make infinite lvls on wick editor

game download
just fixed the jump, and made a animation for the sword

hello can i join

Ok? Welcome back

adding another background

Cloning and removing objects in a possibly random pattern is how I would make something infinite

we just make a variable of the level number and the scripts wont change the level number

Added another backgroundVage Fighting Preview11-21-2020_15-32-32.wick (104.9 KB)