Volume Compression In Editor

Hello fellow coders!
I have always wanted a feature where when you upload an audio file, it compresses it so you don’t have to. I have had an issue where I wanted to upload a .wick file to a file uploading website and the .wick editor file was much larger than the limit. I found this post and this person has had the same problem. I had lots of audio files that took up a lot of space (around 20 megabytes per audio) because they were long and I feel like this feature would make using the wick editor and sharing .wick files much easier.

that would be size compression, right? Not volume (ie dynamic range) compression? You don’t want a whole new controllable compressor effect, I think.

I do, want a controlable compressor effect but yet again to much to ask for

It is… I don’t think most animation apps support audio editing. It’s an unnecessary code load on an app primarily used for visual media. Krita, for instance, doesn’t have a compressor. It would bloat the size of an already large feature-filled program.
Ideally, any editing on audio is to be done before adding animation, on a separate program- this eases the workflow and is the most efficient way to do things development-side too. I’d recommend Audacity. Its inbuilt compressor is quite good, but if you want something more powerful the ReaPlugs compressors (ReaComp and ReaXComp) are good choices.

Quick question, though. Does compressing a file actually reduce the filesize? I usually use wav and ogg, so I don’t know, but does volume compression reduce the filesize in an mp3?

Size compression.

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Then requesting edit the title to say that? It could be misleading.