Web Browsing

Please complete the following questions!

Has this feature been suggested before?

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
No, i just feel like it could further innovation in projects such as Systematix.

Describe the solution you’d like
A Web browser of sorts, wick can do web browsing or auto-visit a certain page within the project’s confines. You design how it gets done or the GUI.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
No real alts to this. I know doing something like this is complicated to no rush.

Image/Video Explanation Optional
My Project2-7-2021_18-22-27.wick (87.8 KB)

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Im pretty sure theres two ways to do this there complicated (Really complicated) First way to do this: Use the text input to search throught supported sites embeded with embed code from @Hamzah_Al_Ani this would be hard because you’d be limited to websites that dont block embedding and youd have to find a way to make the iframe change into a another website. The other way is to make a web browser thing in html css and js make it a site and use the iframe code to embed the site onto your app.
there might be other ways to do this but these are the only ways I know of to do this.

Yes, using an iframe is one way of doing this.

Here’s an example file:
iframe in Editor (8.9 KB)

In the example, you’ll just have to set “project.link” to a link.

As a side note, try to avoid the bug where the unload script doesn’t work when a frame is exited since it will keep the iframe element attached to the project, and reloading the page or opening a new or different project would then become necessary to remove it.

But like @BSA_15 mentioned, some sites (that have servers or use internet in specific) refuse to be displayed in iframes.

I added a few cool features and actual UI to Hamzahs Iframe example OctoBrowse.wick (131.9 KB) you can use it in any of your projects so can anybody else (With permission)

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dear lord what have i done

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Thanks! Can you make a smaller window-y version with a bigger place for page content and a credits/info page (maybe make the in-browser url octobrowse:credits cause i was anticipating a browser app for systematix os.

I’ll add that!

Also maybe say “Not all websites will work to to limitations of browsing within wick editor and you may need to refresh the page to get rid of text boxes.” Maybe also add some buttons to go home after visiting a site if you can

Finished adding those stuff OctoBrowse1.3.wick (146.1 KB)

OK! one more thing, can you make all the fonts quicksand so my project doesn’t get bloated with fonts and could you make like a rounded corner square icon for it like the image below?
i also might modify it a bit for grammatical and spelling fixes. Is that fine by you?

Feel free to edit!

I made all the fonts quicksand OctoBrowse1.4.wick (65.8 KB)

Also here’s an icon for OctoBrowse:
My Project2-10-2021_7-32-01.wick (52.4 KB)

how did you get a roundrec that good?

I turned the rounding thing up to 32

where’s that???

Screenshot (23)
(It only shows up with squares)

THANK YOU! that’ll be so useful for icons!

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@BSA_15 how do i paste it into my project? :fearful:

Copy all the layers in OctoBrowser make a blank app change the name of the app to octobrowser change the icon to the icon I made go to the window that it opens when you click on the app righ click on it to open the windows clip make a square convert it into a clip right click to open the clip delete the square and paste the layers from octobrowser and then match up octobrowser with the window and thats it! or just send me the wick file of systematix OS and I can add it.

what? i don’t think i understand. can you guide me through step-by-step?