What happened to Wick Editor?

So, i have been using Wick Editor since it was in Beta (even tho i hardly use it today)…so yeah…i have not seen a new update in AGES. WHATS GOING ON?? Is it abandoned? I remember i used it cuz i didnt have Adobe Animate (i do now) and i got excited at new updates but…its been on that 1.19 dot something for like…idk, 2 years? MAYBE MORE???


for all intents and purposes, wick has basically been abandoned since 1.19.4 came out. after a lot of silence, wick was gifted to carnegie mellon university, but they have been silent as well. in fact, the patreon link seems to have died. whether or not anything will ever happen is up in the air basically.

in case you are still on 1.19.3 (wickeditor.com/editor), you can start using 1.19.4 (wickeditor.com/test). i believe the test editor has a few bug fixes, and it should be just as stable as the regular editor.


aint no way one of my favourite game and animation things got abandoned like that (rayman flashbacks). they should give it to me instead (they shouldnt)

Just a lot less managers.
If someone on here knew how to code they’d probably fork Wick and make it their own. I’ve been thinking of making my own for a while.


at this point get the best coders and wick and have them work, i think that the main problem is money tho

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ye a lot of people swithc to flash and you need to learn thing by yourself on wick, im useing for 4 months i think

Some people can’t afford Flash–er Adobe Animate. Even if they did it wouldn’t be a good investment for a monthly subscription.
And I use Wick because it’s open-source.

i use it because its free, i like flash but wick editor is more apealing and free, i know i can get free old flash versions but watever

I use Wick because it uses JavaScript.

im thinking on switch to flahs 8, not only because its easy to find it to download, and because its very good

Yeah, if you’re starting off with Adobe Animate (which is basically Flash), that version is the one you should start with first.
Just remember to watch a few tutorials first. That’s what I did.

is it like a free flash or sum?

i think he meant Flash 8 which is abadonware sooooooooooo

well i switched to the flash 8, ported all the body assets from wick to flash, and got my bfdi assets, and did custom mouths, today i updated to flash6 since it can run more newer jacknjellify files or files from some object shows

bro i was writing this school essay and i reconized the carnage or whatever university that has wick on the essay and it said the buildin ai robots or learning bout them or sum

so they rather do that then just help make this website thats litterally on life support comunity wise and website wise better or add improvments (no offence)

wait you can get old versions for free? like no pirating?

You don’t have to pirate, but Adobe community members would be mad at you because it’s “too old”. Just stick to OpenToonz or something, that’s way better

Here’s my copy: https://archive.org/details/mstudio8/.