Who wants to help in skiller catcher (my game)

if you didn’t see my itch.io page you wont know what this is because every thing is there so please check it out and if you seen it you can help
this will continue to get updates

Hi @Branster_Dev, Welcome to the community. Make sure you read the forum rules:

is this against rules just asking and also skiller catcher was made in wick

No. It is not. I just want to make sure that the new members read them, so they can avoid breaking them in the future. Does that make sense?

ok ill read the rules (for real.)

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Hey so I think its a nice simple concept, but I have a problem with how the character moves:

When I let go of the keys after moving, the catcher wont stop moving (or slow down and stop).
strangely I cant seem to get the meteor anymore after around 72, but im not sure (even when im on top of it it seems to pass through the character).

wait, my dad beta-tested my game, and I fixed the bug. wdym? (lemme check) also here is the wick file if you need to check/make edits skillerCatcher.wick (67.2 KB)

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Heyo sorry for the long while! I fixed the movement (although it looks albeit complex… so I added comments to help better understand it). I also added music.

I added some small changes like changing the x position of the meteor to be randomized based on the project’s width and making the player’s animation finish when the player lets go of the left and right key (what i dont understand is the use of gravity, since you’re just moving horizontally, but you tell me!)

the project got albeit big due to the music files (might use mp3 instead next time), but thats all the changes I made.

Branster_Dev’s Skiller Catcher v2

thanks for editing my game im releasing update 1.1 just in now (also im gonna add a few more things and i change my mind ill add it in now)

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also KringlePrinkles i added you in the credits https://bransterdev.itch.io/scrunner/devlog/204273/11-update :smiley: i don’t know wat i should add next

gonna update character

ok please don’t ruin the game

also I can’t get on my pc

My Project12-18-2020_7-39-50.wick (77.1 KB)

hey wheres the smoother moving kringle added

and I made a new update! Check it out!

https://ln2.sync.com/dl/dfe2405c0/4iksrqzv-pnk86b95-723z4szk-rfe5hkf7 here the file was too large so i had to us ethis

hello everyone! im back from taking a break from making games but i dont work on this game anymore so if anyone wants to lead the process of Skiller Catcher just ask me

ok go ahead and lead it!