Why isn't audio scrubbing a feature yet?

This program really is a freaking godsend, and I truly thank the devs for making all of it completely free (mostly because of the tweening mix frame-by-frame thing). My one problem is, I’d love to use it for animation, but the animation I do is heavily dependent on audio (like for lipsyncing, matching up movements to sound, etc)

Is there any reason why audio scrubbing isn’t a thing yet? I’ve seen forum posts mentioning this since March 2020, and none of them have a clear answer to me. (there are more than that I just met the newbie link limit)

Is it because the app seems to be more game-development focused? Even then, I don’t really get how having this feature would affect that. I would genuinely like an explanation because I’m not well versed in anything regarding coding lol, I just discovered this software by looking for PC animation programs

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Well some time ago Luca gave the rights to a University so now let’s hope that the University is able to keep up with all features suggested