Wick 0.11 Update Thread!


Hi Everyone!

Wick Alpha Update 0.11 is now live with a BUNCH of updates. Please let us know what you think!

Try these changes at http://wickeditor.com/editor.html.

Feature Additions

  • Added pencil tool
  • Nameable layers
  • Faster Playhead scrubbing

API Updates

  • Updated mouse and keyboard events in API
  • Updated examples to reflect new API

Interface Updates

  • The timeline received a visual update!
  • Removed “small frames mode” button because it is now the default

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs with onion skinning
  • Fixed several bugs with the timeline
  • Added fill and stroke color to inspector
  • GIF Renderer fixed for non-retina displays


  • The eraser tool will be temporarily disabled due to it causing many bugs.
  • GIF Rendering is still broken on Retina Displays and will be patched ASAP


Looks good! Trying it out now :grinning:


I read that yo were going to fix the brush tool wich you did. But it still have some prblems when drawing slowly. The update is great but i woulg keep having an ey in that defect.


@Ram_S_45 We totally agree. The brush still needs A LOT of work. We’ve had a few more design sessions the last few days and are aiming to put out a new brush within the next two updates (As well as some other drawing tool improvements, like the fill bucket).

Hopefully, we can stick to this two update timeline!


@Ram_S_45 A Gif of the in progress brush is here!


I hope you fix the bugs in the eraser soon. That tool is essential to my animating.


@Donna_Upshaw We are working on it and hope to have it out ASAP. Worry for the inconvenience here :confused:


Hey, there is no eraser tool which is annoying and the paint bucket gltiches if you could plz fix this wick would be even better!


@AnimeWolf We’re trying to get the eraser tool back as soon as we can! Sorry for the inconvenience!


When i cant use the eraser like now i use ctrl-z or i select the line i drew incorrectly and fix it or delete it.


In FF and Chrome, stopped working. Cannot get the screen to load properly.
Looks like this


Hey @testdriverwick, looks like you ran into an editor bug! Sorry about that!

This is a pretty weird one to fix, so bear with me.

Before we get into fixing that, can you send us a screen shot of your console? You can access it by pressing
Firefox : Mac:(option + command + k) OR Windows:(control + shift + k)
Chrome: Mac: (option + command + j) OR Windows:(control + shift + j)

OK- How to fix it!

  1. Try “Hard refreshing” your browser Mac: (command + shift + r) or Windows: (ctr + shift + r)

^ If this doesn’t work, we need to tell wick to get rid of some weird settings, let me know!


Wick Editor is A R T


There is a reoccurring issue with an animation I’m working on. Too many details to explain, but can I recommend and personally ask that you develop an “online .wick to .mp4 converter” that doesn’t require me to load up a saved .wick project into the website. Thanks, and please consider.