Wick 0.12.2 Update Thread


Wick version 0.12.2 is live! It’s mostly bug fixes.

Try these changes at http://wickeditor.com/wick-editor

Bug fixes

  • Fixed small issue with the color picker
  • Fixed fill bucket crashing when no holes can be filled
  • Projects exported as HTML files now use correct aspect ratio
  • Fixed crash related to deleting tweens
  • Fixed bug with brush smoothness on old browsers
  • Fixed paths showing up on the wrong frames
  • Fixed keyReleased event on frames not working

Small additions

  • Renamed tween ‘direction’ to ‘easing’
  • Added “get browser info” window for bug reports
  • Optimized player for a major performance boost for projects with many objects

Please post any issues you have with the new update here!