Wick 0.12 Update Thread!


Wick version 0.12 is live! It brings a lot of fixes that should make using wick in general much easier.

Try these changes at http://wickeditor.com/wick-editor

Drawing Tools

  • The brush is now smooth, even when drawing slowly!
  • The Pencil tool is now smooth too!
  • The eraser is back!
  • Zooming is smoother now

Asset library

  • Updated asset library interface - looks much better now
  • Dropping files to import them is easier now
  • Can now filter through added assets


  • Added new examples
  • Updated several of the old examples
  • Made some slight changes to the welcome project on the homepage


  • Sounds can be added to the canvas and will play when that frame is accessed
  • Sounds now play on preview play in the editor

Renderer Updates

  • Simplified how objects are rendered in the editor (no more fabric.js). This should fix a heap of bugs.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed many bugs with the fill bucket
  • Fixed some bugs with the path cursor
  • Fixed some bugs with selecting objects with the selection box
  • Fixed many color picker bugs
  • Fixed bug with objects moving behind other objects randomly
  • Fixed bug with grouped objects getting jumbled up
  • Fixed bug where objects would move around unexpectedly

Please post any issues you have with the new update here!


I’m facing problems with the sound again. Yes, it does work on preview, but when I pause the preview, the sound I play doesn’t stop.



Thanks @Hanga_H, I’ve added that to our bug list!