Wick 0.14 Update Thread!


Wick version 0.14 is live!
Version 0.14 brings a huge overhaul to the inspector, as well as a bunch of bug fixes.

Try these changes at http://wickeditor.com/wick-editor

Inspector Update

  • Updated the inspector to make it look better
  • Added sliders to the inspector for numerical values (scale, rotation, opacity, etc.)
  • Added live previews for stroke width, stroke color, fill color, background color, and more
  • Added more options for tools in inspector (brush/eraser size, brush smoothing, rectangle corner roundness, and more)
  • Added more options for sounds and tweens in the inspector

Wick File Format

  • We are currently testing a .wick file format. These files are much smaller because they are compressed! File->Save now saves .wick files.
  • Exported projects are still .zip files and .html files.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed animated GIF rendering on retina displays
  • Fixed animated GIF rendering skipping frames / not rendering some objects
  • Fixed sounds not playing in timeline
  • Fixed images not showing up in player
  • Fixed .ogg import for Firefox
  • Fixed issue with fill bucket gap filling
  • Fixed objects appearing in the wrong order while playing preview
  • Fixed crash caused by copying frames

Other small changes

  • Canvas can now be zoomed with the + and - keys.
  • Handles of shapes and paths are now squares to make it easier to tell them apart from segments.
  • Added a crosshair cursor to the pen tool.

Please post any issues you have with the new update here!


Is the pencil tool coming back?


Haha whoops, I disabled the pencil to test something and forgot to put it back.

Should be fixed now.


dear wick owners
i chequed the audio to test if it was fixed and it was almost the same result as the last update
one of the owners told me they will upgrade more the sound in next update (this one) im hoping i see some changes soon


@orange_penguin We did fix sound! Here’s a little demo showing how to use sound in 0.14.

I still haven’t been able to make a full tutorial, sorry about that.


If you export the file as a GIF will it play sound or do you need to add sound???


@WalkerAnimatesWeekly Unfortunately gifs can’t export sound, they are only image based. If you want sound to be a part of your animation or game, you’ll need to export it as an HTML file.

  • I like the new features and bugfixes!
    • The brush tool worked just like the pencil tool in the last update (it made lines instead of fills :open_mouth:) so I’m glad that’s fixed.
    • The brush is also pretty smooth, which is great.
    • The inspector’s new look is a big improvement, nice icons too!
    • Gap filling is improved
  • I have some issues to report as well.
    • Drawing
      • I can’t find the place to choose stroke endcaps (or miter limit)
      • I’m using an old Wacom tablet (CTL-460), and pressure sensitivity worked for me several versions ago (0.08) but somewhere along the line, it stopped working. It’s not working in 0.14 either. I’m on Chrome, Windows 10 x64, and Windows Ink is enabled.
      • Misc. bugs… (These were captured while using the Wacom. I meant to type “stylus” not “mouse”)
    • Timelines and Clips
      • I expected to be able to make a tween, move the tween object, and have it automatically create a new tween point. Instead, it just snaps back to where it was before.
      • Maybe Tweens should be thought of as applied to the whole layer, as if it’s turning the everything on the layer into a group and tweening that? So then, you can double click on the tween and edit what’s inside. It could be a group instead of a Clip so as not to fill your asset library with one-time-use junk.
      • With Windows Ink enabled, dragging the playhead with the Wacom stylus does not work. The mouse works fine.
      • Speaking of assets, I just realized that Clips do not work like Flash MovieClips. I edited a duplicate of a clip and the changes did not carry over. I use symbols a lot when I draw/animate in Flash, so having them in Wick would be awesome and an opportunity to improve on Flash’s shortcomings.
    • Inspector
      • There are tooltips for the x symbols between coordinates, and they read “undefined”.
      • With my Wacom tablet, the tooltips are finicky and I need to click on the icon for the tooltip to show up.
      • The buttons are somewhat confusing, because they have no text labels unless you mouse over them (and then you have to remember which is which). Some also share the same icon:


@kryptot7 Thanks for the super detailed feedback, this is great. Zach and I are actually meeting in a few minutes and should be able to walk through these and prioritize them to get them fixed ASAP.

Also, pressure sensitivity is an incredibly finicky issue. We’re really trying to find a good solution to it and will definitely update when we do!