Wick 0.15 Update Thread [Video Export!]


Wick version 0.15 is now live!

Version 0.15 brings a ton of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and most importantly… a video exporter!

Video Exporter

  • Added an .mp4 video export option to Wick!


  • Fixed a bug where fonts were not loading correctly in the player


  • Fixed an issue whee users could draw lines with a thickness of 0


  • Fixed a bug where objects would render outside of the canvas on exported projects.
  • Fixed an issue where images were rendered in the wrong position when the frame is loaded.
  • Fixed overflow issues with the file name on the menu bar (Thanks Bruehausu!)

Styling Improvements

  • Added a new shadow to the interface
  • Restructured the right click menu
  • Added forums and tutorial links to the help tab in the editor
  • Changed some button styling on the timeline
  • Changed rotation hitboxes to show a selection cursor


  • Fixed an issue where they playhead would lag inside of clips.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on layer names edits the name of the layer instead of selecting the layer.

Asset Library

  • Fixed an issue where weird file names of assets could crash the player.
  • Fixed an issue where importing an image could give it a NaN width and height.

General Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where keyframes could not be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with object names inside of clips
  • Fixed a bug where images were selectable in locked layers
  • Fixed a bug in project export with the gotoNextFrame command
  • Fixed an issue with auto-adding tweens when objects were modified
  • Fixed a bug where deleting objects could not be undone



Upload a key frame video , improve key frame access :+1: keep it up


Please fix the eraser


Please add symbol creation and object drawing in wick, just like in flash!


I saved the project, but i can’t open it.:angry:


@Dung_Ng, How did you save your file? In order to reopen your project, you’ll need to either “Save Project”, or “Export HTML”.


Great idea!

I’d really like that too


fix the eraser it will erase but it will come back so i have to reload my page


Brush can delete by eraser but pencil can’t delete by eraser


how do I use it? there’s no launch or update option


It updates on it’s own


You can always refresh the page (Ctrl + Shift + R) to get the latest version of the Wick Editor.


when will wick support files? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


@CreepahugahYT, what type of files are you referring to? We support a lot of different filetypes right now!


png? i mean when ever i try to put in an image it says that wick doesn’t support files yet…
edit: oh and the same images i try to import won’t copy and paste in for some reason :frowning:


@CreepahugahYT my intuition is that the png you’re trying to use is “corrupted” since png’s should be able to be used in Wick!


Where is the png export : (


Please add a tool where you can make a shape with as many angles as you type!


Can U fix a bug where when you select a color for something, you cannot exit out of it unless you refresh?