Wick Editor Alpha: Update v1


Hi Everyone,

We’ve posted an update to the Wick Editor Alpha. You can test it out at alpha.wickeditor.com!

Changes include:

New Features:

  • Pressure Brush!
  • Frames are now stateful and save paths drawn on them.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed style issue for the color pickers
  • Fixed a bug where drawing tools wouldn’t activate properly
  • Increased stability of flexible windows.
  • Increased refresh rate of canvas and timeline.
  • Fixed an issue where buttons would not apear properly on chrome.

General Improvements:

  • It is now easier to add hotkeys under the hood.
  • It is easier to add property rows to the inspector.
  • There have been a large number of improvements to the Wick Engine, Animation Timelines, and Drawing Tools Libraries.


HYPE!!! Cant wait til full release