Wick Editor Alpha: Update v2


Hi Everyone,

We’ve posted an update to the Wick Editor Alpha. You can test it out at alpha.wickeditor.com !

The Most Prominent Changes include:

New Features:

  • Projects can now be Preview Played! (Make animations)
  • Multi-frame Onion Skinning
  • Objects can now be deleted
  • Frames can now be deleted.
  • Inspector Shows Selected Information
  • New Editor Layout
  • Clips can now be created through keyboard commands.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where pressing delete would send users back
  • Fixed several bugs int he timeline which caused the editor to crash when moving and manipulating frames
  • Fixed a bug where frames on the timeline could be inverted.
  • Fixed several styling issues within the inspector and toolbox that were breaking inputs.
  • Fixed several bugs in the project settings window which allowed users to provide invalid values for the project’s properties.
  • Fixed several bugs which forced the entire editor to re render when the window was resized, slowing the entire window.
  • Fixed several styling issues with inputs.

General Improvements:

  • Simplified the interface for updating the inspector.
  • There have been a large number of improvements to the Wick Engine, Animation Timelines, and Drawing Tools Libraries!

For a full list of edits and updates, you can check out the github repo.


It does not work with a drawing tablet.It just follow the cursor and draws
a dot.


Hey @francsciosux, we’ve tested the brush tool with a wacom bamboo tablet and it seems to work for us. Which tools are you having problems with?