Wick Editor Downloadable Apps Released

Hi Everyone!

We’ve released our downloadable mobile and tablet apps so you can create on the go or if you lose access to your computer. This is all thanks to the support we received from the Mozilla Open Source Support Program earlier this year.

Check it out on iPhones in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store!



wow ik its cool luca you are the best!

I downloaded it, and i bet it will a great success, and best yet, we will have more wick editor users.

That is really cool!

I’ve seen them already, the only problem is that the script part is totally broken…

it appears the ipad has the ability to code but the phone doesn’t. if you turn the phone over do you have coding abilities, and if you turn the ipad vertical do you lose coding abilities? or is the phone one just a simplified version because the phone is too small?

You can script in phone, only that it deletes the letters randomly, and idk why.

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Also, sometimes you can’t close the script window, and you can’t save, i’ve experienced both.
(PD: Tried it just now, the errors are still there.)

Yeah that bug happens with me to

It seems you cant import images or sound yet, even if it says otherwise. If you can, please help. If so, it would basically become flash for mobile.

I have not downloaded the app yet but it seems like it is still in a beta like state. I hope that this version of Wick can bring more users to the platform and grow the app as a whole.

Wow Thx i like Wick Editor so much and now on the go THX

I do wish you can export games. It’ll be nice having the ability to make a game on the go. But I’m pretty sure Apple won’t really allow that. Still, for animation, just get yourself a glove and a stylus and you’re good to go! Overall, 9/10.

you actually can export games! export using HTML to make an interactive project.

Yes it would be verry cool and hey welcome to the froums :slight_smile:

I was talking about the iPad version.

you could have said that 16 days ago lol