Wick Platformer? :o

So i was thinking, I havent used wick in a while and wanted to try something new.
i kinda wanna make some kind of platformer similar to hyus dojo doors game or n++ of ou know wht either of those are. im pretty good at graphic design, so i can make all the assets and characters. and if theres anything yall want to add just send concept art and ill make it real :)

i will need help with coding though, since i am a bit rusty and my main software right now is gdevelop.

but to avoid getting the post taken down like beatswapper was, i want this project to be made fully in wick. (or at least the prototype.) hoping to figure out a way to make an exe of it, that way people can play it on pc withot html lag and stuff.

so lemme know what you think :)

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I could help with some level design and ideas for abilities and such.
I…don’t really have good experience with javascript

I recommend getting started with an existing platformer engine.
You can check out one of these ones:

If you like the idea of using an engine from this list, then you should try them all out before deciding, since each one has different features to offer that are likely to help you greatly with your project.

I also won’t be able to join this collab myself, but I try to get on the forum’s daily, so if you have any code-related questions feel free to tag me.

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i wan help, what if we make a full on rpg

I could help a bit

lolol we could try that :)