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Hello all. :wave:
So I wanted to create a thread where everyone’s
invited to try out a sort of, challenge/exercise that I thought up.

For the challenge you create a game, but,
you’re only allowed to use the features/tools built into the editor itself.

(This means you can't import anything like, music files, images etc...)

(Fonts are ok, as they aren’t user generated content.)

Any game created should be free, and open for
other members in the community to use, and experiment with.

(Providing they credit the original maker, and state what was changed.)

I don’t know if anyone else will be interested, but if you are,
you’re welcome to join. :slight_smile:

I’ll personally be posting here periodically, and hope to see
other’s creations.



Here’s the first game created for this exercise

Jumpr is an endless runner type game,
where you try to stay alive as long as possible, by leaping over incoming walls
by either tapping the screen, or pressing Z (For keyboard users).

The further you progress, the more wall types will come into play,
including the deadly spiked wall!

See how far you can make it!

Or, try editing it to put in your own spin!

Jumpr_ver_1.0.0.wick (52.3 KB)



This seems like a good idea, but I’ll try editing Jumpr later maybe.



I hope you have fun! :slight_smile:
Will be looking forward to see what you make as well
if you wanna.



Great idea @colorsCrimsonTears! I’ll take a look at jumpr more closely. Maybe we can even make these community challenges a weekly/monthly thing!?



I’d really like to see that!
I hope it’d encourage wick users to interact more!



I can finally add a jump button to my game! Thank you so much!

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No problem, I’m glad it’s useful! :slight_smile:



i want to know how to make walls in the game because if i can control my character it always gets off screen