Wick talent show! ( Closed )

Oh noooo I missed it! as they always say “Better luck next time”

Hi @awc95014, thanks for asking those questions!

Here's your answers : )

If the judge isn’t active for a week, then we’ll have to replace him or her. If the judge is active but wishes to enter the Talent Show, he or she can feel free to do so and stop being a judge. Of course, since I started this show, I kinda am stuck being a judge… but’s it’s still great to see peoples projects :D

A week, there will be a Talent show, then a week there won’t be a talent show, it’s just a pattern. The point of this pattern is to give people time to work on projects since not everyone is capable of making a great project in just a week, and I don’t really wanna rush anyone.

Well, with themes people who are working on projects a week or two earlier might not have their project be a part of the required theme, which would suck if you worked hard on something a week earlier, then the theme turns out to be the opposite of what you have. Themes are still an interesting thing to have, so that might be coming in the future…

@Leslye_Beauchamp, just to keep you updated, the next Talent Show is gonna start on 2020-10-26T04:00:00Z, I can’t wait to see your great talents!

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Ah ok thank you!

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Hi All, as a note, please do not share personal information such as where you live on the forum. Thank you.

Thanks for the advice @Luxapodular : )

For people who are in a different timezone, I’ll let you know when the show starts so no worries :+1:

We can have a theme to give people a goal, and still accept all kinds of projects?

Another Show Starting Soon!

Wick Talent Show starts tomorrow! If you’re in a different timezone, just know that the show is gonna start tomorrow & go on for 5 days of the week, then judging takes place after!


If you’re a judge, let me know if u would like to still be a judge for the upcoming talent show by replying to this post as soon as possible! The reason I want u to reply is to make sure that the judges are going to be active for the show! Judging is gonna go the same way it did this week :D


Get ready for this moment, and don’t rush! Everyone has time from Saturday to Thursday to submit their masterpieces! No projects are accepted earlier or after, and you can’t submit a project that you used for an older Wick Talent Show! Thank you for just being here and sharing with the world your talents! Try to get people to join this show so it grows and becomes a future Wick tradition!

Congrats to last show’s Winners:









New Forum Rules!

We all should know about the new Wick Editor Forum Rules, and I respect these rules fully. If you haven’t read the rules, please take a moment to do so by visiting this link.

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wait so is the theme “art”?
Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 2.44.43 PM

No, “artists” just refers to any type of art, from drawing to coding!

I would say a theme for the next show would be HALLOWEEN! Of course, Halloween is canceled this year, so some people might not enjoy this holiday as they would’ve. On the other hand, we can celebrate this holiday together as a Wick community by sharing some nice projects!

And also, anyone can join this talent show, one project per person!

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@pumpkinhead i might end up cutting open your distant relatives if i choose to do this… sorry

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in an animation, yes his distant relative might get… chopped. not in real life ofc, i dont even know who he is irl.

Ohh you were talking about the pumpkinhead? Lol for 30 seconds I was so confused because I didn’t know the context I knew obviously you wouldn’t do it in real life but like

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yeah… my animations probably gonna be related to making a jack o lantern or something like that, who knows


rule #4

Well, if pumpkinhead’s ok with u cutting open one of its relative, then it wouldn’t count as “rude”

i mean saying i was cutting his relatives open was obviously a joke, its just an arbitrary pumpkin, not related to pkhead, nothing to offend anyone, all fun and games

Since I didn’t prepare anything for tommorrow, I guess I’ll participate after the next talent show.

I shall compete with a small henry stickmin-like game! Is that okay?

Hi @AniDev, you can create anything that you want, as long as it follows the four main rules!
Also, only one project for every person, can’t wait to see everyone’s projects!

If anyone is new to the show, here's the 4 main rules:


I want to compete

I do not want to be a judge anymore

Wick Talent Show OPENED!

A new Wick Talent Show just opened!
The theme is going to be Halloween, but your project doesn’t have to be part of the theme.

Also, thanks for letting me know @BSA_15, it would be a great honor to have you be a part of this show!


So the theme is optional, so the projects would be evaluated regardless right?