Wick v16 Preview: New Brush


Hi everyone,

A lot of people have been asking questions about the brush tool, including:

  • “When will there be more options for smoothing so brush strokes don’t shift around so much while drawing?”
  • “When will pressure sensitivity come back?”
  • "Seriously, when will pressure sensitivity come back???"

All your questions will now be answered!

I’ve finally found a good JavaScript brush system. It’s called croquis.js and I think it’s going to finally give Wick the brush it deserves.

Here’s a demo of a simple brush interface using croquis:

As you can see, it is pressure sensitive (it works with my tablet at least, but let me know if it doesn’t work for yours and we can fix it) and also comes with a toggleable stabilizer that will slow down the drawing of your strokes to make them smoother.

So, as @Luxapodular and I work on plugging this into Wick v16, please post any issues you find in the demo, and let us know what you think of croquis!

Eraser Wont work

I love it! :star_struck: I tried it on Firefox (Windows 64-bit) and I had to enable dom.w3c_pointer_events.dispatch_by_pointer_messages in about:config and Windows Ink in Wacom Preferences. Then, pressure sensitivity worked swimmingly! It’s very pleasant to draw with, and I can’t wait for Wick to implement it. The demo also performs well on my Android smartphone. However, on both my phone and computer, turning the Spacing down to the minimum or using the rotate to angle option cause lag.

Also, sometimes there’s a circular glob of ink when starting a stroke, as circled below:

My tablet is a Wacom CTL-460 from 2011.


I’ve had that problem with my own painting tool. It’s a bug in Firefox where Firefox will dispatch a pointermove event with pressure 0.5 to signal a “click” at the start of the stroke, before pointerdown for the pen is received. I filter these out by checking for a pointermove event with “ev.mozPressure === 0.5”, and discarding that event entirely if it occurred before pointerdown was received.


Can I be completely honest? I LOVE it! It flows so well!