Welcome to the Wick Weekly!

Every week you’ll have the chance to create any project. Game, animation, art, whatever! As long as it’s done in wick, it’s eligible.

Each round will last a Week, and at the end of each round we’ll announce next week’s theme and allow you to vote. 2 Votes are given to prevent narcissism.

Submit Games in .html
Submit art in .png
Submit Animations in .mp4 or .gif
Submit other things in .wick.

This will be hosted by me and maybe Baron(???) bit if you want to co-host a round, don’t be scared to reach out.


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Rules: Submissions must be made and finished in timeframe of week, so no submitting existing projects
At least an hour of work must be put in because we want to see your best!

Welcome to week 1!
Out deadline is 2021-07-07T04:00:00Z and this week’s theme will be Explosions
Good luck all!

Also, you can receive points by having a streak! Participating in more wick weeklys gives you more points, and winning the overall vote for a week gives you a point.

@awc95014 might also help co-host

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@Watrmeln here’s mine

I already made a post…

Sorry i didn’t see it