(WIP) Dark point-and-click game

Hi, I’ve lurked around here for a bit.

I’ve come up with many different concepts for games but have never gotten too far into any of them, but I want to pursue this one. It’s a dark point-and-click game that’s set in this depressing office area.

The game is inspired by games like Whiskers, which have always been fun for me.

I have more plans for this game, but I’ve pieced together this pre-pre-alpha in my spare time, and I would like some feedback. It’s just meant to test out some of the mechanics and stuff, nothing’s fully put together yet.


V.1 - pre-pre-alpha.html (2.9 MB)
(latest) V.2 - https://we.tl/t-CQ5tPgeyP0

I don’t have much javascript experience, but I did a lot of messing around with Flash when that was big.

Here’s some stuff I need help with:

  • Having the camera zoom in, following the mouse/player.
  • Making the movement of the character not tear.
  • Have the player sprite change from the “idle” position to the “walking” position when walking.
  • Also, why does the text size and position change from the editor to when I play it in my browser?

So, I’ve worked on the pre-pre-alpha more and have ‘polished’ it up. It now has the visual style that I want, which is this very dark and intentionally disgusting.

Here’s the comparisons:



I’ve also fleshed out the re-pre-alpha to make it less-buggy and more complete.

If you decide to play this, please give me feedback! It really helps.

this is a nice game

I would like to help but if you need help you should start a collab. then people can help you

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Hey, sorry that it took so long to respond to you.


I’m going to try and explain myself.

I was more looking for people to point me towards resources that could help me, like a guide or tutorial. I’m fine with searching for stuff by myself though, which it seems I’m going to have to do.

Also, realistically, I would be a nightmare to work with because of my spotty availability.

Well, here’s another update.

I’ve made the game look more visually appealing, replacing most of the assets that were drawn in wick with ones drawn in PS.

Quick comparison:



I’ve also added new scenes to the game, along with a whole new section. I’m still figuring out how the whole wick animation thing works, so please pardon any slow/awkwardly timed animations!

Something that I’ve worked (almost too) hard on was a ‘smooth’ following cycle.

Here’s a GIF of it in action:

(The GIF is a bit laggy because I had all of the exported .html files of the previous builds open, but while playing it should be a LOT smoother for you.)

e-pre-alpha download

If you decide to play this, please give me feedback! It really helps.

Just found out that I can’t edit the original topic post, don’t know why. If I can edit it at a later date I will, but for now the downloads will be located in the newest post in the thread by me.

It is probably because it wouldn’t let you if you’re not a regular… at least that is going off from the top of my head.

In the meantime… I will make another reply once I get to play the game. By the looks of it, I might just wait a bit more before doing anything of the sort. Didn’t seem like there was much compared to when I last played the first version, but it interests me.

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Hello, I checked my e-mail at just the right time to see your post.

Yeah, figured that it was something like that. It’s still a bit of a bummer though because it would make new builds of the game easier to access.

The game hasn’t changed that much yet, I’m currently just using it to test mechanics. The portion of the game that is available now is planned to be the ‘tutorial’ for the finished version. I’m trying to get as much feedback as I can in the early stages before I develop it more.

Also, thanks for your interest! Hope that you have a nice day!

(This post was written on mobile so please excuse any spelling/formatting errors!)

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