Zoom in and out with finger

Hello! I have a good suggestion for Wick Editor. You see, it’s kind of annoying with the zoom-in and out buttons. Technically, when I want to zoom in or out, I have to press something to do that. But I’m not used to doing that. It would be easier to zoom in and out with one of my two fingers. I usually draw on my school Chromebook in tablet mode or just as a keyboard but still draw on the screen. But once I do that, whatever tool I’m using, using the brush tool for example, I try to zoom in with one of my two fingers like pinching the screen, it draws a mistaken line instead. It’s annoying every once in a while, So, I’ll have to get used to it somehow. But since there’s a suggestion option to let people know, which is what I’m doing right now, I would like to have you guys who made this wonderful website have something different for zooming in and out. The buttons can still be there if you want, just an extra thing to do. Thanks and I hope you’ll find a solution!


Also, when you’re using how many frames you put in your animation, there are numbers. I kinda understand them, but I don’t know how long the animation is. Is there a way to know or fix that? Thanks again!

thats already in

it shows u the amount of time in th export