Animation Contest

Hi Wick Community,
It is time for Animation Contest!!!

Price: $50 Amazon Gift Card :star_struck:

Animation Example:

Rules and Requirements: (Please read)
[1] Content shall be to all ages and it shall follow the forum rules:

Forum Rules

Wick Editor Forum Rules

[2] Animation shall be at least, but not limited to 30 seconds long.

[3] The animation shall have at least one main character

[4] The animation shall be at least 12 FPS

FPS Details

This doesn’t mean that you have to have 12 drawings every second, this means that your wick file should run at least at 12 FPS. Tweens are allowed as well, but be smart on how and when to use them.

[5] The animation shall have music and/or sound.

Free Audio

I’m not expecting original audio from anyone. Here is how to find free to use audio:

[6] Everything (drawings/animations), but the sounds, shall be done using the Wick Editor

[7] Wick file is required and shall be posted within this topic only

[8] Submissions start date is April, Friday 22, 2022 (Don’t post any submission before this date)

[9] Submissions end date is April, Friday 29, 2022 11:59pm EST.

[10] The winner will be selected by @Jovanny and @awc95014 based on the following criteria. It will be announced publicly (on April, Saturday 30, 2022) and I will IM the winner privately for the prize details.

Winning Criteria:

  • Drawing Quality: On Drawings, Colors, and Art style
  • Animation Quality: How smooth the animation is
  • Animation duration: How many seconds
  • Music/Sound: How good the music and sound are integrated into the animation
  • Message/Teaching: Positive impact on people that watch it

Is there some sort of theme for this competition?

As long as you follow the rules and have in mind the Winning criteria, you can come up with anything.

Are there also things for second place?

Oh, also! Are we allowed to choose & work with partners?

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No price, just recognition.

No. Submissions must belong to an individual.

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Wow, this contest looks amazing!

What if one was to use audio/ music that they didn’t make (with permission of course), would it count?

I might also be not much of a great animator (not to mention the touchpad), so don’t expect me to join, but it would still be a pleasure to see what cool stuff people will make :)


You might win, you have good art.

Good question… I’m not expecting original audio from anyone… just free to use from youtube or other websites… This is an animation contest not an audio contest… but it is good for multimedia creators to get use to chose audio for their projects…

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Jovanny that’s a great initiative
I’ll see if I can end an animation I started working on.
Did not planned to add sound tough…


How does the winner get the prize?

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The moderators have access to PMing users, and can see their emails. What follows, presumably, is something from there.

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Yes, the price is a virtual code that you redeem. It will sent to the winner in a private message.

Just use a free to use music that goes with your animation.

can i use 24 fps for my animation thats what i use

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Yes I believe a 24 fps should work


i guess i can also add more on what 12 fps means.

the editor’s framerate has to be set to 12 or more fps. that part’s obvious.

the other thing jovanny means here is that you don’t need to draw a unique frame every time. for example, if someone is just looking out a window for 2 seconds, you don’t need 24 completely different frames of looking out a window, just stretch a single frame out to last 2 seconds.

third thing, don’t take advantage of what jovanny said and make every frame 3 frames long or something and make the animation effectively 4 fps. that completely ruins the point.

if you’re one of those “animatic” people who use much fewer frames but spend much more effort on the drawings, i suggest that at least in a few places you make smoother animation. i say this because one person’s high effort drawing can be full-blown anime while someone else’s high effort drawing can be 15-ish brush strokes and/or a bunch of shapes. (and I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, i mean have you seen my OC? my face is literally 4 brush strokes)


@awc95014 is totally right. All these things are usually reflected at the final product. I would say at the end whatever technique people use is fine as long as the final product looks consistent and well integrated with a theme song or/and sounds.

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I have a good idea for something like an interactive animation. Is it allowed?

It is. As long as the sum of all the animation sequences last more than 30 seconds, but no extra points for the interactivity. It is an animation contest at the end of the day.