Anybody made any cool GIF's yet?


I want to see the animation skills of the people here If that’s fine


Yo. Let me show you one.


Not my best, but why not?

Thought or tips?


Maybe make bouncing objects squash when in contact and stretch when flying. And you can use less frames for the motion tween to make the ball seem faster.


What on earth is a tween


It’s what digital animators call the inbetweens made by the computer automatically. Like when you want an object to move from one area to another but don’t want to reposition it individually frame by frame


My first Wick project


smooth animation
I like your attention to details such as shading.


hi there. this one is similar to the first flash mini-ani i made. a floating “B”.
cheers. (don´t know if it is cool).



@Morf cool :+1:. i would like the see how you did combine the motion downwards and the squeeze vertically.



the tears come down a little fast, maybe slow them down?


It seemed a lot slower before I uploaded it haha


Here is one I made my school profile picture