Can't save the project


I use the chrome to develop the project, and when i save, The page jammed and crashed, i don’t know how to fix it and download the project to my computer, plz help me, thank you.


Hi @andy

There may be a problem with saving a .wick file of your project. Can you try to saveyour project as HTML and let me know if it works?


hi, thank you for your reply, i already tried the HTML, it can be downloaded, but when i double click it, it just show the blank page in Safari. But i try in chrome, it can be worked.
Now i encounter some problem, i use the same JavaScript code, and it worked in safari, but show some error in Chrome, i am so confused, that’s why i want to saving a .wick file and open it in safari to see whether it’s my problem or the browser’s. Can you give me some advice? thank you very much.


Hmm, there could be a few reasons you might run into code issues.

Firstly, the current version of the Wick Editor is only tested to work in Chrome and Firefox. Please use Chrome if you can!

Second, I think the issues you’re running into may be in the JavaScript code you have in the project. Mind sending the project to me so I can check it out?


i can’t save the project… that is the question
but my project is using the demo Zombie Shooter Tutorial for Wick Editor
i just create one more flame that has a button, when u click the button, gotoandplay(2), flame2 is the same as the project that i mentioned, i find it work in safari, but in chrome, it shows that line163, cannot read property “wickObjects” of null, i wander why. hope to receive your reply, thank you very much


The HTML file should be just as good as a .wick project and can be reopened in the editor! Could you send me the HTML?


wow, okay, wait a minute~


Hmm, not quite. For some reason this upload didn’t work and only showed the name of the file. Can you try uploading to Google Drive / Dropbox and sharing a link with me?

(Also, it’s quite late here. I am going to head to bed but will try to find a fix for your project in the morning!)


Thank you so much, i will send u the link of the google drive, it’s not emergency, just a homework of our shcool, have a good night! good dream~


Hi! @Luxapodular,
I am going crazy, now i start the second homework, and just finish half of it, it continually crashed, i can’t run it to see how it work, even though i try chrome and safari, then i export to HTML to run it, it still get stuck for a second and crashed, i sent it to my friend using another computer and it finally work in safari but still not work in chrome, now every time i change the project, i need to sent the HTML to my friend and see how it works, it really drives me crazy.
i think it’s the audio problem, then i delete the wav that i use in the project, it can run few seconds and suddenly i heard the audio i delete already and it ran crash, i am shock.
my homework deadline is Thursday, plz help me! i am struggle these days, hope to receive your message, and the project i upload to the google drive, here is the link:


@andy, It looks like the sharing settings need to be changed to “Anyone with the link can view.” As I’m unable to download from that link.


So sorry~



First, great work on these so far! I took a look at both projects.

I can’t seem to find the problem with “Second Project”. HOWEVER I did see that it crashes in Chrome. I was able to get it to work in Firefox. Are you able to download Firefox on your computer and use it instead of Chrome or Safari? This might be an okay temporary fix. I wonder if there is some type of image in the project which is causing the project to crash chrome for some reason…

For the “First Project” I also got it to work in Firefox! It looks like some of your buttons are pointing to frames that don’t exist yet. In particular “Play Games”, “Assessment” and “Reference”. The code for these buttons all point to frame 295, 296, or 297! “Information” works for me though.

While this isn’t a super satisfying answer, I really am not sure why these crashes are occurring in chrome. If you’re able to use Firefox, I recommend trying it out for now and seeing if it helps! (It’s free and should work on PC and Mac computers.) We’ll do our best to make sure that a project this size doesn’t crash Chrome in future versions of Wick Editor.

Let me kow if you have any success.


Actually, the version i sent u for the first project is not the final one, it just used to test the game work or not, but i already finish other three component and submit my homework.
Now, i will download the Firefox, and it can run in my computer, and the reaction speed is faster than other two browsers, marvellous!!!
thank you for your detailed answer and it really help me, hope the editor will become better and better, thank you again!


@Luxapodular Hello~ Sorry to bother you, I want to develop a project is about the season change, and it needs to demonstrate some knowledge about the revolution and rotation, and my idea is to make a universe model and then the learner can drag the model to see this two process in different view. I wonder that how to use the JS to achieve this effect. Thanks a lot~


Hey @andy,

You’re not bothering me at all! :)

My first question is, what kind of interaction are you trying to achieve? Does this go from 2D to 3D? If you could provide a sketch or two to show your idea, that would be very helpful.


hey, sorry to reply u so late, because of the Chinese tradition new year break, i spent lots of time with my family, so I didn’t start my homework, and the time is limited, so I just gave up the idea to show the model, instead of playing the animation, and I will try it when I have free time. thank you for your help~


I got a small question if I want to use the gotoandPlay at the end frame of a clip to skip out the clip and play another frame of the project, how can I write the sentence. I don’t know if I made it clear, looking forward to your reply.


If you want to change the root timeline from inside of a clip, you can use root.gotoandplay()


WOW, thank you so much!!!
because the homework deadline, I find a way to Implement this function, I make a hidden button in the front page but thank you very much~