Chapter One "Opacity"


Make it so that full opacity is not 1, instead it is 100. This will be more versatile, as you can do “54.34” opacity. Also, it will match up perfectly with a percentage. 100 opacity is 100% visibility. 50 opacity is 50% visibility. 45.60 is 45.60% visibility. It matches perfectly.
Then, the slider. Oh, the slider. Why does it exist? Try to do exactly 20% opacity with the slider. Try it. It’s impossible. The only reason I think it would exist is for touchscreens and mobile support. As you know, there isn’t a Wick Editor app, so that’s out.
Finally, if you type it in, it’s also horrible. Want to put it .01? Hope you have fast hands, or it will default to 0, and when you type the 1, it turns into full capacity.