Copy previous frame on new frame instance (Wick Editor Feature Suggestion)

Been on here for around a week now, and I’m now gripping the ropes.

I would like to suggest a feature or option that, when toggled, copies the frame that is behind it.

For instance: When I click the “+” on frame two, it will copy the frame behind it, that being frame one.

This would be helpful for me (and maybe others) because I usually do sprite animations and it’s a pain to reposition the sprites and have to resize every single one for each individual frame.

What would be the difference with just copying the whole frame?

You don’t know you can use ctrl+c and ctrl+v on frames? Wow. I’m amazed how all this time you did it the hard way. I applaud your perseverance.

A shortcut to duplicate the previous frame would be nice.

Ctrl-drag copies the previous frame to wherever you drop it. Could this help you?

Bro, WHAT? You could do that? I really am new, huh?

Thanks for this. My feature would still be nice, though.

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I don’t even use WE often, but Ctrl-drag is a duplication drag shortcut I’ve seen in a lot of places. Do keep it in mind if using other apps.

It is one of the very big innovations of windows 3: global (sorta, anyway) copy/cut and paste all over. Standardise on [ctrl]-c/x and [ctrl]-v. It works virtually anywhere… :sunglasses:

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The only way to do that without having to turn on clipboard permissions is to use the copy/paste event in HTML text boxes.