CorruptedTale (UnderDevelopment)

I currently working on a game called “CorruptedTale” which is fun rpg game that I made it inspired from undertale,
This is the current progress tho their may be a lot issue with it but I try to fix them as soon as I see them.
The game also has an autosave feature
and also if you want to restart your progress for some reason just press Q

WASD to move or arrows
Space to sprint
During gameplay(not menu screen)
Press Q to open Inventory(Not Finished)
Press W to close the Inventory

Storyline/lore will come later

Version 6:
Added a title screen
Fix the following bugs:
Player glitching so much that the V cam doesn’t even know where you are
Fix player going through the other room/frame which cause some crashes
Fix the random name generator not working on the inventory screen

Features coming to the next update:
At least 2 weapons [Being Work On]
1 (Easy Difficulty Enemy)
Fighting mechanic

Box/enderchest thing

Play The Latest Version Click Here


its nice I would like to help if you open up a collab

also welcome @UnknownShadowEagle

ok, and thanks

Your project looks promising @UnknownShadowEaglea
Are you still working on it?

Yes I’m still working on it, I’m just resting, my hands hurt so im just taking a little break but tomorrow I will be working on the map and other stuff for the game

There is a collab open at this topic.

I will watch the progress of this project with great interest

Could you plz make a .wick for it i cant access google drive

check this [Collab] CorruptedTale (Rpg Game)

Thank you @gamer_boi