Discord, A Short Story

Once apon a time, there was a guy named WalkerAnimatesWeekly. He posted a post about a discord server on February 18th. He asked if they would make a discord server. Zrispo replied saying that it’s something that they want to do soon. Von_Bednar in June wanted to revive the post. All the way I looked, from February to today, but I found no mention about a discord server. So I thought, why not, and started up Discord. I made a new server with a cool ghost as a picture. You’ll probably recognize that ghost, it’s the logo of Wick Editor. Sloppily cut out in MS Paint like a picture of Teen Magazine cut out with safety scissors. I made some text channels and voice channels too. There was only one last thing for me to do. I went to make an invite link, made it infinite. I went to the forums, made a new draft. I made the title simple, Discord, at that. I only put one thing, one link, one gateway, to a server that does actually exist made by yours truly.
Where is the link you ask, you wonder. You look all over, there’s not a link to be seen. You’ve checked the link to see if it leads there, but it’s just the post that I described, all over. Then you realize, there’s something that shines a bright blue. You realize that all you have to do…
…is click here, will you?

The discord server link is https://discord.gg/ZZZpmHK


Hey @DylanExists! We’ll also have an official discord server for Wick Editor coming with the 1.15 launch! Stay tuned.


That’s great! Can I add some suggestions of channels to add?
First, you should add a models channel where you can let people submit their models publicly if they show credit of the original creator. Basically fair use.
Second, you should add a games channel where you can give links to games.
Finally, you should not add anything that the forums already do. This is because so that the discord server and the forums can co-exist instead of one of them just being used and the other being abandoned.

I am back from the dead, anyways, I personally think that a community discord server would and will be a great idea where people from the community collaborate and help each other. So having this server would be nice.

We actually already have a discord server now!

Where is it?

somewhere in this post. scroll down a bit, and the discord link should be there.