Wick Editor 1.15 - Customizable hotkeys, faster brush, new timeline, Discord, Patreon rewards, and more!

Hello everyone!

Wick Editor 1.15 is here!

This is definitely one of the biggest releases we’ve done, there are a lot of things to go over so take a look.

New Patreon Rewards
Support the Wick Editor on Patreon!



Wick Editor Discord

  • The Wick Editor Discord is now open! Make an account and come chat with us. Patreon supporters get access to new supporter roles and channels!


Drawing Tool Updates


  • Major speedups to the Brush tool
  • Smoother drawing with the Brush tool
  • Undo now cancels the current brush stroke, instead of the previous one
  • Added “Relative Brush Size” option (makes brush size change with canvas zoom)

  • Updated fill bucket to leave less buggy gaps
  • Fill bucket now fills between layers

Timeline Updates

  • Major optimization (faster scrolling, frame adding, etc)
  • Visual cleanup

  • Small- and large-frames modes
  • Customizable frame gap-filling modes
  • Shift+click now selects frames in-between selected frames
  • Timeline will auto-scroll if frames are dragged outside of the timeline
  • Multiple frames can be resized at once
  • Multiple tweens can now be selected and altered in the inspector
  • Added hotkeys for extending and shrinking frames
  • Added hotkeys for moving frames left and right
  • Added a hotkey for inserting blank frames

Customizable Hotkeys

keyboard shortcuts

  • Added customizable hotkeys through editor settings
  • Hotkeys are now able to be held down to repeat actions

Other Updates

  • Tweens are now automatically added when a tweened object is moved

GUI Updates


  • Added more options in the Project Settings window
  • “New Project” button added to menu bar
  • Tool options sliders are now easier to use
  • Added new icons for tool options
  • Cleaned up Clip and Button creation workflow
  • Newly added text items now start in edit mode
  • Added better cursors for the text tool


  • Fixed crash when frames are resized to negative length
  • Fixed visual bug when timeline is resized
  • Fixed missing fonts on Windows
  • Fixed hidden layers not being visible in exported projects
  • Fixed bug with copying frames between layers

Please post any issues you run into in this thread!

Check it out now at editor.wickeditor.com. Enjoy!


Good job! I can’t wait to check it out!

Yes!!! :star_struck: :green_heart: :tada: :confetti_ball:
Thanks for the awesome update, guys!!
(And I’ve already joined the Discord!)

Edit: I found a bug with the brush. I started the editor with zoom at 67% (that’s what it was at last time I was there, so my browser remembered), then zoomed to about 90% and started drawing. The brush strokes were clipped into a specific region of the stage, and became pixilated after I released the mouse button. I tried zooming to 100%, but that didn’t help. So I recorded this GIF (at 100%):

Setting zoom to 100% and then refreshing fixed the issue.
Edit 2: The path cursor lacks a hotkey.


those little ghosts look so cute