Forum Fighters (not-as-old post, but still outdated)

It’s still there (that’s how I’m quoting it), but wouldn’t it get removed?

Doesn’t that mean that the old thread will be removed?

maybe you can make a topic and quote anything that has links and filter out what’s not important, like people saying “okay” or those things. seperate it into chunks in different replies so it doesn’t reach the limit. maybe you can also use hide details so we can skip to different time periods to get different links.

I think that means the old thread was removed. Luxapodular probably thought that the topic was removed because the account was suspended, but apparently suspension is different than deleting accounts since it doesn’t delete their entire history. @Luxapodular is the topic going to be deleted?

adding a winning animation

I’m taking a break rn


I checked the rules, and I probably won’t duplicate that old thread

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Done the winning animations: Winner!12-6-2020_20-00-01.wick (106.0 KB)

not bad, but you can’t get in until you have contributed enough to the game unrelated to your character


bottom text

Woah that was cool!

heres a replay button

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please try not to reply with one liners
thank you
if you must say alot try to fit in it in one post

ok that reply button @Makponse_Yamonche is not half bad actually, i may add a modified version

I think you should help us come up with the characters’ movesets, because we need a lot of help on that.

but remember that the Oc’s creator must be the one to come up with the atks
(also alexis is a grey area, more on that later)

Hey am I a composer? (By the way add user studios in the credits when I finally get one character)

Well when people play the game they are going to hear the music of me (maybe?) and PringleKringle which sound good, but then they are going to notice a huge difference of quality when they hear your music so i’m leaning towards the not… But we should wait to get the others’ opinions.

Well I’m a composer just because I like making/playing music, however I’m not a professional at it. I think the question should be, is making music something that you passionately want to do?

I think it is good to explore what you wanted to do, but if you really want to make music, just do know there are no shortcuts in learning it (or any skill, unfortunately):

I recommend that you make more music to the best of your ability. Don’t try to make your tracks perfect, just make it sound good. then you can sharing them with other people to critique. Ask them what they like and don’t like about the track.
You can also listen to other music and observe how they sound, and watch youtube tutorials!
when making music, humming or playing an instrument helps for inspiration (i personally love the kazzo, but i dont have one anymore since i lost it, so I taped paper to a comb).

currently your music is just okay, but it’s a skill anyone can build up (actually, you can apply this to ANY skill). It may not sound great now, but you will improve in time if you’re willing.

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but that’s just my idea :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:

also @KringlePrinkles, I was wondering how long you have been making music. I have been making music since August 2019, maybe you have done it for longer.

EDIT: wait no actually i just remembered it was january not august, i said that because that’s when i found out about beepbox and started making beepbox songs and i thought before i didn’t make as much songs but i just remembered i did

(i consider it augjan 2019 because that’s when i started composing as a hobby. my earliest song dates back to 2012 and i made a few crappy songs in 2016/2017.)

(also while writing this it felt weird thinking that i was alive in 2012-now because i only remember a handful of things from 2012-2019, so it feels like i lived less at that time period? idk… also i have lived before 2012 i’m not 8)

I don’t know, my memory is kinda eerh.

I’d say around… 5-6 years ago? My ma did comment that I tried playing ‘drums’ using containers, cups, and utensils when I was a baby. Otherwise I only remember myself mostly drawing on the walls.

however i DID stop making music, but i dont know how long for. I just picked up making music again around 3-4 years ago (i think).

(actually just take my words for a grain of salt, i dont trust my memory too much)