Forum Fighters (not-as-old post, but still outdated)

This topic exists in case Butt gets banned
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And @KringlePrinkles would you mind moving
Important assests files posts to this topic
Other then that this topic is to remain
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uhhh ok?

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he said he was gonna leave the forum. don’t doubt it that he will be banned.

imagine if his or her’s siblings were messing with his or her’s acc.

btw here’s another topic Topic

Hi All,

@butt’s account has been suspended due to spam. Please reach out to me if you need something from that forum post and I will do my best to retrieve any potentially missing assets from FF.

got it, thanks for working hard luca.

anyway, i got 0.6.3 and 0.6.5. i think 0.6.4 was broken because the dropbox was deleted. i believe 0.6.3 was named 0.6.2 because we forgot to rename it or something.

if we need to recover more, other people can get the files here if they want.

tbh, I thought this was useless. I did it out of boredom, but thanks god now we have all the files in one post :stuck_out_tongue:


I just made a new Forum Fighters thing, do anyone wanna join?

First no
FF is not dead and therefore you can’t reanimate it’s corpse as your own game

@Crafter_Flance & @Makponse_Yamonche
You two seem quite enthusiastic about joining
So can you guys please go find Hamzah_Al_Ani’s
List of tasks and do some of them
If you do enough I WILL add your characters in
Otherwise there is no other way

@pyronode you seem quite fond of the project
If you have any interest in joining us please pick up a task and do it (no pressure tho)

I realised that by have a top-hated stickman as a character while also telling everyone to increase the quality of their characters is very ironic and I am now trying to redraw him with less stick and more man

Fifth (less important)
I realised that when people read my (other) username
They read it as three-o-byte (where the TRI part sounded like the tri in triple) when I wanted the sound to be try (like TRIangle or TRY hard)
This deeply annoyed me
So I have changed (most) of my username again to tryobyte
It looks less cool but now sounds correct

Sixth (man this is going to go on forever)
Congrats to @KringlePrinkles !
Due to his contributions he may now disign a character to join the fight

some names will be removed from credits
pewpewtropper will be deleted

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im considering it… ;)

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Wait so are we using THIS place now?

Yes kringle

It’s sad that we have to abandon the biggest topic in the forums but yes

We must

Ok well im planning on placing the tasks here (via quoting), but i cant make wikis

Forum Fighters Master Post

Forum Fighter Version History (please help arrange)

Important Tasks (soon to be Almanac)

They have been listed by importance from top to bottom so do the first one first! :point_down:
*click a button on the top-right of the quote to jump to that post, more details are written there


*only Baron, Hanzoh, and Tyrobyte can decide if you did enough to deserve one, otherwise you can choose to help contribute to the game’s development

Below are tasks that you can help out with, be it Art, Programming, or Music!
If you found a task you can do, feel free to edit this wiki and write a comment next to it (but please let us know by posting a reply to this topic with a quote of your task)
*(don’t try to delete everything here because WE WILL KNOW :eyes:)


  • Add in Jovanny’s arenas (around 3 arenas need to be added in)
  • Add in attacks
  • Replay button?
  • Keybind (after attacks! I can help with this)
  • Have players type in there names
  • AI (work on after the game is complete)
  • Get Fat_cloud’s animated character (animated by KringlePrinkles) in the game and added to the menu
  • Let’s try to get back the arena with the cave

Artists & animators

  • Arena for people that left the game (don’t include Mojad… I might do this, idk)
  • Animate attacks! This might take forever, so it’s best to start early
  • mlgcoolguys_1, we need to get your character in!
  • Fat_Clouds designed arenas (she’s working on them)
  • What happened to the “bar” and the potions? (it died -tryo)
  • Winning animation for every character (don’t focus on this too much)
  • Create an ad… do this last!

Music People

Create music for every arena (snowy theme, alien theme, temple theme, etc.(click to open)
  • Fighting sound effects (after fighting moves are all coded)
  • Credits music
  • Music & sound effects for the puzzles mlgcoolguys_1 made
  • music for anything else (including loading screen?)
  • Character sounds


  • Quit and Resume?
  • (Lets add more ideas once we finished adding the fighting mechanics)


I hope this list lists the specifics and is useful for anyone who doesn’t know what to work on.
I would like to also mention that this is a wiki, meaning that anyone is able to edit this post!
Please edit this post to add more to the list, or to slash out things that are complete, or to put your name next to things that you would like to start working on.

This list has also some important things that some people might’ve forgotten that had to be done, so I think it’s necessary that everyone reads this list to have a stronger memory of what’s required of them.

Thank you! - Hamzah_Al_Ani


What’re you doing? :eyes:

there wiki
you may use it
(its best if you first copy paste the list H.A already made to save sometime, i just cant find it tho)

Aye! we gateem :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:

rip the old thread. that had like 2k replies right?