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Right now, I’m working on an animation. It is expected in December. I will still be contributing to the game. From time to time I’ll produce music. To access the music you have to go to my music channel, Cleetus Kernel Music. I often abbreviate it to CKM.

Will that be our finale logo (everyone agrees?)

Woah that’s a really nice logo, good job @mlgcoolguys_1

Ok but how is Out of Steam related to the game?

i think that was a joke

A 3rd collaborator got banned from the forums.

On a side note, I would like to remind everyone to pay great attention to the rules, not just the old ones, but the rules that are the structure of the whole forums in every measure! The 10 main rules are here. If anyone’s confused about any of them, please ask for help! Thank you : )

what did they get banned for?

all those 3 who admitted they were under 13 were banned. don’t remember who. we should probably stop talking about them, it’s off-topic and it’s kind of like gossip.

!@$% ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ok H.A we need to start recruiting people again
Does anyone know of anyone?

@BSA_15’s account got banned. It’s still visible, but it might get removed soon.

I’ll be guessing for being underage

we need to start re inviting people again

We might’ve lost a few people, but literally, almost everyone on the forums is a part of this collab.
(What I mean is who can we invite?)

while close to every one is a part of it a lot of poeple ghost :(

What happened to logan_leighton, Fanta_Donut, time_to_draw, Williamcom7_Not_Salt, and PotatoPandaIsHere?

before adding new people, let’s count how many we have now.

they all… left i guess. i see william in the credits, what did he contribute? (just making sure here)

list of people (strikethrough = inactive or banned)

People who didn’t need the test and will have a character are:

  • awc95014
  • Hamzah_Al_Ani
  • pumpkinhead
  • mlgcoolguys_1
  • Fat_Clouds
  • time_to_draw
  • butt

People that took the test and can have a character are:

  • Mrdashelll
  • PewPewTrooper112
  • 509robotic

People that took the test and have a work pass, but can’t be a character , are:

  • PineappleCow
  • Cleetus_Kernel

People that don’t want a character:

  • Jovanny
  • mojad

If your a part of this collab, click choice 1, if you wanna join, click the second option, if you change your mind, or want to leave, click choice three

  • Choice 1 :green_circle:
  • Choice 2 :yellow_circle:
  • Choice 3 :red_circle:

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I made the poll b/c a lot of people seem to prefer to vote rather than reply

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Just a note… Mojad (F) wasn’t banned

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oops, forgot ok. i’ll change what strikethrough means