Forum Fighters: Rewritten (Discontinued)

hows this for a color scheme
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we decided to work at the same time

or this:

What are those palettes for?

ui and stuff

I think we should have some kind of table of contents or index so important posts don’t get lost in this sea of replies and forgotten about. (Would also be helpful if @mlgcoolguys_1 linked this in the original post)

Subject Link
Basic Rules #42
Current Members #71
Workflow #108
Fighter Roster #158

(If you don’t like how I formatted it (with the table) then you can change it)

(I don’t know how to put links on the table but here is the possible fight mechanic I came up with Forum Fighters: Rewritten (File: Post #1293))

KringlePrinkles - Here’s Nugget’s Jamboard we’re using to plan the character movesets:
“Forum Fighters Character Jamboard”

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We should also organize maps and characters.

Characters Attack Side special Up special Down special
Pumpknhead Attack Side special Up special Down special
Watrmeln Rocket Punch Technoplasma Invisible for 3 secs Fire Platform
MrDashell classic punch Spicy meatball Unsuspecting scream Tripwire

(I don’t think using a table would be appropriate for the list of character attacks. That is because we would probably need more space to put a description of the attacks. - pumpkinhead)
maybe we could add the descriptions to the bottom?

Maybe A Black and White crt thing
Glitched Forum/Discourse Backend
Training Grounds - Practice and prep for whatever the main storyline is
Move Descs Damage
Technoplasma: Summons ball of plasma (Takes a While to charge up) 20
Fire Platform: Platform only creator can walk on - lasts for 5 secs N/A
3 sec invis: Self Explanatory N/A
Rocket Punch: Long-Range Punch 7

probably talking in the edits isn’t the best way of communicating because my message just got deleted because of a new edit

but @nuggetofwisdom, please explain further what you mean by

like would there be like an asterik thing in the table referencing a more complete description of the attack (like the attack’s limitations or something) or would it basically turn out to be my character attack list from the first iteration of the development of this game along with the table of attacks? (which i feel would be redundant)

all the move descs at the bottom (look at the wiki)

also watermln your moves are way too op i think we should have only one or two good moves

Agreed i want him to stop editing so i can edit real quick

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perhaps we should separate each character moveset into a different reply to minimize the chance of our edits being removed because of a different edit? or if someone suggests a different way to organize that without the use of wikis, thus eliminating the chance of edits being overwritten?

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is there a measurement unit?

Google Doc?

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can you make a wiki for me?

Uhm no we all know how that all went

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how Ok nobody better ruin this

basically watermeln made a google doc for lets funk and someone deleted all the text and it was a mess

there’s a change history and you are able to restore previous versions of the doc. same with wikis on these forums. did you try doing that?