Ginshemon red blue green

i need a designer map designer creature designer advantage and disadvantage designer and coder battle designer / coder and idea maker thank you for the help

leader aiden cupps & gamer_boi

6 months to do this

you need to submit a wick file of a fakemon and all stages

due in 2 business week’s

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What would you like help with?
And welcome to the forums

And also you might want to post this in #show-your-work:collabs but when you make it refer to this topic so moderators can find it easier.

I’m up to collab

I’m going to make a collab for it but title him as leader…

make me leader too cuz im the other creator of the game + we had already started the game

I sent out a collab it’s being authorized right now ill @ yall when it’s done

how long dose it usually take to verify

If you are turning it from a game dev to a collab when you catagorize it as collab and fill out your information, under it you will type in “this is the collab for 'game dev name” then they will review it and verify it… so about half an hour to an hour

cool thanks can you spread the word about this

I shared this collab in one of my other collabs for you

I just approved this as a collab. Work under this topic.
@Aiden_Cupps, please edit the first post and add all the required information…

Here are the rules:

to all new people and old this is what i need you guys have to do i need a few things first i need someone to make the battle menu second i need a designer to make the ginshemon and i need the the bag grid done and i need someone to make the character’s that you battle thanks a lot for the help i will have my co creator give you all the type’s and ext.

I can make the characters for the battles!

please check first post for roles

  • character and ginshemon designs
  • coding
  • story designers

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for the people designing the ginshemon, do them first and make them: electric, ice, ground, water, fire, and grass

I was going to add the battle and backpack on to the poll then I realized thats art and coding.

you will get 2 starters 1st is either electric ice or dragon second starter is either fire water or grass

i have the electric made

I changed it to electric ice and ground cuz the type advanages work out

yeah for people who are doing art please send the starters first, then people and other Ginshemon