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Collabs are an exciting and fun way for the Wick Editor community to share their skills and work together on great projects!

In an effort to clean up some spam on the forum and focus discussions, all collabs as of 12/21 are subject to the following rules.

Collab Rules:

  • Collabs are subject to moderator approval.
  • Collabs should not overlap the content of an existing Collab.
  • Project leads should showcase the collab results publicly.
  • To be approved, Collabs Must have the following information:
  1. Title: Give your Collab a Name! This Title should be descriptive. Your Topic name should be “Collab: Collab Name”.
  2. Topic: What is this Collab about? Be specific!
  3. Time Frame: When is this collaboration being held? When do submissions end? Make sure to give your collab enough time!
  4. Submission Requirements: What does someone need to submit to join your collab? When do they need to submit by?
  5. Project Requirements: What are the specs that submitted projects should be in? Should users submit their .wick file, an .mp4, or another type of file?
  6. Project Leads: Who is leading this project? Is there a team?

Best of Luck!

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thank you for the collab section :D