Got an empty head 😞

You can click on the canvas to hide your mouse and press escape to bring your mouse back.

(Just realized you can jump with the space bar)

wow!! That is really amazing. You can actually move around the blocks. Is this possible in Wick @awc95014 , @Hamzah_Al_Ani

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@awc95014 that’s pretty cool (I’ve used Khanacademy
before to see what people made, but I just never came
by this). 3D projects are tough to make without a 3d
shooter, or a .jsn script (I think that’s what they were
called, right?) but it sounds like a cool idea to look
deep into. Also, for the

game, I’ve had tried that out before when
I first started coding ( hand puzzle.wick).
Got two puzzle projects done, and forgot all about it
the next week, but having u just reminding me of it gave
me an idea of having a gif puzzle (it’s digital after all).

Thanks for all the great ideas!
~Hanzoh Alani

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make a simple platformer

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That sounds simple and a good project to start off
the weekend! Thanks for the suggestion, @mojad

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you’re welcome (^v^)d

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You shoud make a relesable platformer game

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Try a click and point game! There was a very popular point and click flash game franchise on newgrounds called Riddle School. Try taking some inspiration from that!

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Thanks for the advice @Cleetus_Kernel,
I like the idea of a click and point game.
I’ll try to see what Riddle School is, it
sounds like a good game : )

It’s really enjoyable. A mix of comedy, suspense, and action! The first 3 games are normal but Riddle School 4, 5, Riddle Transfer, and Riddle Transfer 2 are more suspenseful.


5: You(Phil Eggtree) are in a spaceship.
Transfer: Secret Agents from Zone 5.1.(A reference to Area 51) capture you after you almost return to earth
Transfer 2: You teleport back to the original Riddle School building but a blue alien named Quiz has taken over the school.

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make an animation about a fish overpowering a shark


I like the idea of an underwater game with sharks and fish, thanks for the suggestion @time_to_draw!

ur wellcome

@Hamzah_Al_Ani Plz read the form rules and no sign posts

This topic was kinda created before the 10 forum rules thread was, but you’re correct, I probably shouldn’t have signed it according to Wick’s FAQ. Thank you @Turbo_Animation for pointing this out, I’ll edit the post

Turns out you can’t edit an old posts

There’s no edit button that I can see

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i think there should be let me check
edit: i think its because you can’t edit old posts

You do know this was made BEFORE THE FORUM RULES EVEN EXISTED . sorry for caps

No Becase I Did Not Know What Wick Was

I get inspiration for animations by looking at my daily life.

Also having other people around helps.

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try the inspirator

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